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Electric bicycle taxi
You can make use of bike taxis, which you might have seen only at tourist attractions in Europe, now in Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. This Velo Taxi, which was once operated during the ‘Suwon Eco Traffic Festival’ at Haenggung-dong was one of the most popular vehicles at the festival. The Velo Taxi travels slowly at a speed of 10-15km, and a maximum of 2 people can board it. Nevertheless, the greatest advantage of the Velo Taxi is that it’s ‘slow and small’. Bec...

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Flying Suwon
The large helium-filled balloon does not stray too far as it is operated from a fixed location. Due to the nature of helium, it is light and safe. It’s 32m high and 22m wide and can accommodate a maximum of 20 people and move up to 70m~150m. information Opening days : every days Opening hours : 09:30~21:00 Place : Changnyongmun, the East Gate of Hwaseong Fortress Price : Adult 18,000won / Adolescent 17,000won / Child 15,000won ...

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Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley
information Opening days : all year around ※ The trolley does not run on rainy or snowy day Opening hours : 10:00~16:30 Service sections : Yeonmudae - Hwahongmun - Hwaseomun - Mt. Paldal - Hwaseong Temporary Palace(Hwaseong Haenggung) - Paldalmun market - Hwaseong Fortress Museum - Yeomudae Ticket office : Hwaseong Temporary Palace(Hwaseong Haenggung), Yeonmudae Price Fares of the Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley Classification Child Adole...

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Experiencing Traditional Korean Archery
information Opening days : all year around ※ The Korean archery does not run on rainy or snowy day Opening hours : Summer(Mar.~Oct.)09:30~17:30 / Winter(Nov.~Feb.)09:30~16:30 Place : Yeonmudae of Hwaseong Fortress Price : 10 shots a round : 2,000won The maximum number of persons who can participate in the experience at one time : 25~30 Experiencing contents- General explanation about the Korean archery : 5 minutes- Explanation of the shooting posture : 5 minutes- Shooting arrows ...

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Beating the Bell of Hyowon(Experiencing Striking a Bell)
The name of the bell, 'Bell of Hyowon', was decided by reflecting citizens' opinions. The name contains the wish that it will work as a focal point on which citizens can have consensus by embodying the image of advanced citizenship, while it serves to help Suwon citizens develop filial piety and cooperate one another. On the front side of the bell, symbols of the city like ginkgo, royal azalea, and pigeon, etc. and major cultural properties of the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress includ...

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Watching Animation
information Opening days : all year around Opening hours : Summer(Mar.~Oct.)09:30~17:00 / Winter(Nov.~Feb.)09:30~16:30 Place : Video room, underground 1st floor, Hongbogwan building, the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress Price : Free Time table 시간표안내 Round Beginning time Ending time 1 09:30 09:50 2 10:00 10:20 3 10:30 10:50 4 11:00 11:20 ...

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Regular Experiences in Hwaseong Temporary Palace(Hwaseong Haenggung)
information Opening days : Saturday(Apr.~Oct.) Opening hours : 10:00~16:30 Place : Hwaseong Haenggung(Hwaseong Temporary Palace) Price : 3,000won~9,000won Event participation After buying 'Hwaseong Haenggung yeopjeon, or brass coin', you can participate in any event(Yeopjeon 1 nip is equal to 3,000 won; 1~3 nipare required per event) ※ Hwaseong Haenggung yeopjeon?It is the coin resembling sampyeong tongbo, coin used in the Joseon dynasty. Instead of the lette...

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