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Culture and Art Support
The foundation supports various culture and art activities to confirm Suwon's position as a cultural city and promote the culture and art. The culture and art development fund are provided for traditional culture and art areas as well as creation activities for new art styles. The foundation conducts "Our Village" art support program to aid citizen centered community arts and art projects of local art centers.

자료 리스트
Suwon's Artist Value Defining Project
The project is to define the value of a artist who was from from or was active in Suwon and left remarkable works in the modern art history in the 20th century. Each year's selected artist and his/her work are re-valued through the critics publication, the exhibition, the performance and others. The project aims to be a ground to secure the identity and proudness of Suwon as a cultural city through such efforts. New Artist Support Program 「Firefly Lighting Play」 Yearly two new artists ...

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Suwon Culture Dodam Dodam (徒談徒談)
The program's purpose is to establish the user centric culture and art support policy by actively collecting opinions of artists in Suwon. Through periodical discussions with artists, the current status of Suwon's culture and art will be understood, and by collecting opinions from fields, the efficient policy and system to support arts will be sought. The artists, professors and critics participating in Suwon Culture Dodam Dodam will perform their roles to propose policies for the develo...

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Visiting the Culture and Art - Meeting the Culture
The project is to conduct community centric cultural events by visiting local spaces receiving the love and attention from the community's members. Through Meeting the Culture, the foundation desires to expand the art beneficiary class and to provide various culture and art sharing opportunities.

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Suwon Culture Club Support
The project is promoted to grow self-reliant cultural communities based on Suwon area by supporting voluntary culture and art interest groups led and directly operated by citizens. Starting with the support for citizen based culture and art activities, the space and the opportunity to share the culture and art for Suwon citizens are provided, and further, the city's creativity will be grown by the developed culture and art talent resources.

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Suwon Art Fora
Suwon Art Fora is the culture and art complex located in Suwon Jidong market (2nd Fl). The complex's purpose is for the market's vitalization, the culture and art creation and the ground expansion through the collaboration between artists and the merchants. Through the project, the artists' participations and activities in the traditional market area will contribute in re-discovering the cultural resources from existing products and commercial activities and developing the new busine...

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Beautiful Haeng Gung Street(Craft Shop Road) Vital...
Haenggong Street connects Hwaseong Haenggung and Paldalmun. Having the street at the center, the project is a part of the city re-utilization effort to encourage tourists' visits and to vitalize the local economy. With the culture and art sharing opportunities enabled through operating spaces for creative activities and creating and developing cultural communities (craft shops, restaurants and local residents), differentiated experiences and viewing pleasures will be provided to visitors. *...

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Suwon Chun Public Art Project
Suwon Chun Public Art Project is the re-interpretation of the characteristics and history of Suwon Chun(stream) recovered as a natural ecological stream along with the stories of the daily life around the stream. Through the creation of Suwon Chun to be at the center of the flow of culture and art, the project will make the significance of Suwon Chun that recovered as a natural ecological stream known widely. Also, by using the culture and art as the media, Suwon Chun will become the space for d...

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Suwon Sight Seeing (水原遊覽) Public Art Proje...
The project is to produce tourism resources by connecting and developing cultural and art contents scattered in Suwon. For such purpose, the project operates programs to produce and install of works based on the stories on famous places and the region of Suwon and educational experiences for citizens to create and distribute the image of "Culture, Art and Tourism City, Suwon".

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Building an Art Village
This project aims to vitalize the region through the spatial and social reutilization of the city based on the culture and art. For such purpose, the citizen's cultural community will be created as a social re-utilization measure for the epigny of the local residents, artists and producers. Through the re-utilization of space including the culture and art programs and facility improvement designs operated based on the decision made by the community, the art village will be formed.

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