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Beautiful Haeng Gung Street(Craft Shop Road) Vitalization


Haenggong Street connects Hwaseong Haenggung and Paldalmun. Having the street at the center, the project is a part of the city re-utilization effort to encourage tourists' visits and to vitalize the local economy. With the culture and art sharing opportunities enabled through operating spaces for creative activities and creating and developing cultural communities (craft shops, restaurants and local residents), differentiated experiences and viewing pleasures will be provided to visitors.

* Beautiful Haenggung Street Haenggung street is a road with various attractions to enjoy Korean styles, tastes and cultures. At more than 20 craft shops operated by artists, many handmade craft works are sold and various craft experiences are offered. Also, more than 40 restaurants and food places offering various tastes are found on the road. Art wall paintings, art roof tiles and Samji Part are located at the various spots along the road and provide various and differentiated viewing, tasting and enjoying pleasures for tourists visiting Hwaseong Haenggung.

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