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○ Admission hours : Day Ticket - Opening ~ 30 Minutes before closing, Night Ticket – 5 p.m. ~ 30 Minutes before closing ○ Operating hours : Day Ticket - Opening ~ closing, Night Ticket – 5 p.m. ~ closin ○ Tickets Type Adult Teenager Children/Senior Note One-day Ticket 44,000 won 37,000 won 34,000 won ○ Free admission to Hoam Gallery for the day and extra charges for coin-operated...

자료 리스트
Haeujae Museum
Haeujae is the world’s only museum to be shaped like a toilet. A Suwon Mayor’s residence was donated to Suwon City, which remodeled it into that museum. The museum exhibits the history of toilet culture, Suwon’s toilet culture campaigns, and world toilet culture. The toilet culture park displays diverse interesting formations related to toilet culture. ○ Tour time_ 30 minutes ○ Business hours_ 10:00~18:00 (November~February, by 17:00 / closed on Mondays ○ Fee_ Free ○ For inform...

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Amore Pacific Museum of Art
The museum gives a look at the whole history of the cosmetics maker Amore Pacific from founding to present. It features ancient women’s cosmetics and accessories, women’s daily cosmetics items, as well as tea culture items such as records on tea and tea tableware. ○ Museum overview_ Amore Pacific History Gallery, Metal Crafts Gallery, Ceramic Crafts Gallery, Lacquered Crafts Gallery, and Modern Arts Gallery ○ Tour time_ 30 minutes~1 hour ○ Business hours_ 09:00~17:30, Monday~Friday ...

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Yungneung and Geonneung Tombs Visitation and Strolling
According to his will statement, King Jeongjo was buried by the tomb of his father also known Crown Prince Sado. His tomb is called Geonneung and his father’s is called Yungneung. They look alike, facing the west and receiving sunset glows. A snow scene of the tombs is famous for its amazing beauty, making it one of eight most beautiful Hwaseong landscapes. ○ Tour time_ 30 minutes~1 hour ○ Business hours_ 09:00~18:30 (November~February, by 17:30), closed on Mondays ○ Fee_ KRW 1,000 ...

자료 리스트
Yongjusa Temple Stay
Yongjusa Temple was built to pray for the deceased soul of his father also known as Crown Prince Sado after King Jeongjo relocated it to Hwasann. ○ Program_ Eat Buddhist food, drink Buddhist tea, make Buddhist lanterns, make Buddhist rosaries, and bow 108 times (programs may differ from time to time). ○ Event time and fee_ 4 hours - KRW 30,000 (including 11:00 Buddhist eating). 3 hours - KRW 20,000 (excluding Buddhist eating) ○ Capacity_ 10~200 people per session ○ For information_...

자료 리스트
Yongin MBC Dramia
This filming open set, covering 165,000m², is famous for filming various TV dramas such as Daejanggeum, Sindon, Jumong, YIsan, Queen Seondeok, and Dongi. MBC has invested in developing this filming site for 25 years since 1987. Other movies are also being filmed here, making it a comprehensive filming set. ○ Set overview_ Historical drama set, chroma key studio, traditional costume gallery, and photo zone ○ Tour time_ 1.5 hours ○ Fee_ Adults - KRW 7,000 (a discount of KRW 2,000 to a ...

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