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Tour of Pungmi Food’s Kimchi Factory and Kimchi- making Experience
Pungmi Food has since 1986 made and sold kimchi. It operates a kimchi factory on an area covering 6,600m². In 2002, its CEO was selected a kimchi master by Fuji TV at MBC Korea- Japan cultural exchange event. Visitors can make a tour of kimchi making process and experience making kimchi. ○ Fee_ KRW 15,000 for a group of people each ○ Traveltime_ 2 hours ○ Business hours_10:00~17:30, Monday~Friday

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Ji-dong Market, Ji-dong Sundae Town
Markets around Paldalmun Gate were famous for peddlers’ active businesses 100 years ago. Now, the market presents specialist restaurants. More than 40 restaurants specialize in Sundae (stuffed derma) and Gopchang (beef and pork intestines). ○ Location_ 3-minute walk from Hwaseong Haenggung and Paldalmun Market

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Suwon Tongdakgolmok (chicken food street)
This street is clustered with chicken restaurants with a tradition of 30 to 40 years. It is famous for its delicious chicken dishes. You can search the word Suwon Tongdak on the Internet to find out numerous blogs about Suwon chicken restaurants. ○ Location_ 3-minute walk from Hwaseog Haenggung

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Suwon Wanggalbi (beef ribs)
The food was designated as one of Suwon’s native foods in 1985. Former President Park Chung-hee enjoyed Suwon galbi (beef ribs) whenever he visited Suwon’s agricultural research institute. With such a background, there are many restaurants specializing in Suwon galbi that were established in the 1970s. ⓒsuwon photo bank

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