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자료 리스트
Paldalmun Market
Suwon City has the largest number of traditional markets in the country. Notably, Paldalmun Market is said to have been established by King Jeongjo. Given the Confucian society that looked down upon the occupation of selling, it is very innovative that the king pushed to establish the market. ○ Market overview a comprehensive market; Motgol Market, Ji-dong Market, and Yeong-dong Market. ○ Location 3-minute walk from Hwaseong Haenggung

자료 리스트
Suwon Yeong-dong Art Fora
This culture and art combined space offers a rediscovery of cultural resources of traditional markets and daily cultural and artistic elements. The gallery displays artistic works. The art zone and the art hall feature performances and various cultural programs. Housed in this complex are diverse artists shops specializing in metal crafts, ceramic crafts, Korean paper artifacts, calligraphies, traditional designs, photography, and painting. There, visitors can experience various artistic experie...

자료 리스트
Hwaseong Haenggung Gongbang Street
The street presents Korean cultural attractions : 20 workshops, run by artists, sell handicrafts, and offer diverse crafting experience programs. Forty restaurants also specialize in diverse, delicious foods. Corners of streets feature murals, artistic tiles, and Ssamji parks . This offers diverse sightseeing attractions, foods, and entertainments to visitors to Hwaseong Haenggung. ○ Location 420m area from Hawseong Haenggung parking lot ○ Travel time_ 1.5 hours

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